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Reastaurant Mascaron is located in downtown Nis, Orlovica Pavla 12 street in one of the monumental buildings in Niš, with a richly decorated façade influenced by Secession and Baroque. The house was built in 1920, and since 1983 it is under the protection of the Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation. Restaurant Mascaron was founded in December 2018. It has a seating capacity of 124 across two storeys and a balcony.

In addition to its pleasant ambience, it offers a rich international cuisine, numerous cocktails and a large selection of local wines from Serbia, which differentiates it from any other restaurant! Mascaron restaurant is highly esteemed for its versatility, making it an ideal place to have a lunch over a business meeting, a leisurely meal, or a formal dinner. With great care, dedication, and expertise our Chefs strive to maintain and elevate traditional flavors to the highest level of excellence, while also introducing new trends in modern cuisine.

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Dedication aimed at elevating traditional flavors to the highest level of excellence for every guest.